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In this blog, we explain what modular and on-site constructed kitchens are? Contact our kitchen interior designers in Chandigarh to make it perfect.

Modular Kitchens vs. On-Site Constructed Kitchens


Do you know what an On-site Constructed kitchen is?


You already have a marble kitchen platform with a granite countertop that came with your builder-supplied flat. You add Trolleys, cabinets, and shutters to this existing platform by having carpenters build everything on-site. All carpentry work is complete according to the measurements available on-site. This work can not be done in a factory due to the non-standard sizes of cabinets and modules.


Benefits of a custom-built kitchen:


  • It is possible to keep the existing kitchen platform without breaking it and save money.

  • There is no need to order or plan ahead of time from the Vendor's catalog, and decisions can be changed or altered during the process.

  • Cabinets, units, and storage can all be custom-built to your exact specifications and site measurements.

  • You will be present throughout the entire process of constructing your kitchen, so there will be no surprises at the end.

  • You can have custom heights, depths, and widths made to match your current appliances or utensils.

  • It is not a controlled price and, it is usually less than a modular kitchen.

  • If you handle your purchases and supplies, you can maintain control over the quality of the materials.

  • Customization and alterations can be accommodated as decisions and measurements change. 


Disadvantages of a custom-built kitchen:


  • The color scheme for the entire kitchen is limited due to the existing platform, which can be made of Granite or Marble.

  • The final cost may differ from what was budgeted. Carpenters will not tell you the exact cost of materials upfront, so there could be surprises.

  • Due to labor or material availability and supply, deadlines may not be met.

  • The laborers’ abilities determine the quality and finish of the final product.

  • Because the work is done by hand, the results will not be perfect or precise.

  • Edge-banding, post-forming, membrane-pressed finished shutters and other factory-made machine techniques may not be possible.

  • During the construction process, on-site carpentry work may cause damage to the existing kitchen flooring or tiling.

  • Because the cabinets/modules were designed for a specific space, they cannot be dismantled and moved.

  • Because labors may stay on-site in such cases, neighbors may complain about noise, waste, dust, and mess caused by their transit.


Do you know what a Modular Kitchen is?


A modular kitchen is a contemporary and adaptable way to design your kitchen, allowing you to choose from a variety of cabinets for various functions that come in "modules" – pre-assembled cabinets and accessories. The modules come in a variety of sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes depending on where in the kitchen you want to use them. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes, as well as different pre-determined styles. You can choose cabinet layouts and types to meet your kitchen storage needs with a modular kitchen. The entire piece is manufactured in a factory and then delivered to the location to be assembled.



Modular kitchens have the following benefits:


  • Because everything is factory-made, there is no mess at the site, unlike the onsite-made kitchen. There is no danger of the floor or wall tiles breaking.

  • You'll get flawless factory finishes with clean edges and precise dimensions.

  • Unless the requirements change, the cost estimates given to you will not change.

  • The final product will be nearly identical to what you see in the 3D visualization, so there will be no guesswork or surprises.

  • Because the cabinet sizes are matched to the accessories available on the market, you will get maximum functionality.

  • The quality, durability, and user experience are all satisfactory and perform well.

  • Timelines are realistic and easy to stick to because factory work moves quickly.

  • Assembly on-site takes only a few days, and there are no waste materials, dust, noise, or cluttered site.

  • The cabinets can be disassembled and repurposed.

  • It's a no-hazel procedure. You won't be involved in the work execution process at the factory or on the job site once the design is finalized and the advance payments are made.


Modular Kitchen Disadvantages:


  • It's pricier than the on-site-built kitchen.

  • The quality of the materials used cannot be assured because everything is made in a factory. As the inside material for cabinets is not visible once finished.

  • The kitchen platform that is currently in place cannot be used.

  • All storage needs, utility requirements, kitchen appliances, and electrical switches must be decided in advance and cannot be changed later.

  • Later changes and revisions are not possible, and if they are, they will incur additional costs and time.

  • Because of the woodwork on the kitchen counter, water seepage in the sink area must be controlled to avoid rotting the woodwork.

  • Because cabinet modules come in predetermined sizes, there may be unused pockets of space in the design.


We hope that this information will assist you in making an informed decision about which type of kitchen is best for your needs. Modular kitchens are more popular because they are hazel-free and stylish, but if you have a skilled interior designers team that can deliver excellent quality at a reasonable price, you should consider an onsite made kitchen option.


Now that you understand the basics of the modular kitchen vs. onsite made kitchen, consider your needs, budget, and available space to determine which option is best for you. Please contact our team at Keystone Interior design if you require any assistance with your kitchen design. We will provide you with the guidance you require to make your kitchen customizable, eco-friendly, and functional.

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