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Interior Design Trends for the New Year 2022 | Keystone Interior Design | Interior Designers in Mohali - GL103980

In this article, The interior designers & decorators in Chandigarh have compiled trends in interior design for the new year 2022.

Keystone, an interior design platform, has put together a list of ten interior design predictions for 2022. The styles are based on feedback from the vast interior design and decor community, which includes design professionals and millions of site visitors.

1. A variety of window banks

Who doesn't fantasize about having a sun-drenched kitchen? Long banks of many windows are made possible by storage islands and lower cabinets, and interior designers predict that homeowners will take advantage of these trends to open up the space.

2. Kitchens with multiple layers

Even though the 2021 Kitchen Interior Design Trends Study confirmed the popularity of classic, all-white kitchens, interior designers noted a "dressed-up, collected style" gaining traction over the past year. This is a more relaxed look, with light paints and natural wood tones.

3. elongated Backsplash tiles

The 412-inch white ceramic tiles are a modern take on traditional backsplash subway tiles. The long, linear rectangles look a modern twist and provide the option of customizing with textured finishes.

4. Storage that is 'hard at work'

The number of options for cabinet interiors has increased dramatically. Make sure your storage is performing at its best in 2022 with specialized shelves, dividers and cubbies, and even in-drawer outlets.

5. Several showerheads

According to the 2021 Keystone Interiors Bathroom Trends study, rain showerheads were chosen by 55 percent of homeowners who recently updated their showers. Dual showerheads were chosen by 23% of respondents, while body sprays were chosen by 16%. These findings point to a shift away from the traditional showerhead configuration.

6. 'Aging in Place' designs

When it comes to creating a forever home, accessibility is often a top priority. Grab bars, shower benches, curb-less showers, and non-slip floors are all helpful features that prioritize safety.

7. Bathroom floors that are heated

According to interior design analysis reports, heated bathroom floors were named the most in-demand bathroom feature by more than 50 home design and remodeling professionals. Any cold tile floor can be transformed into a cozy experience with this clever bathroom renovation.

8. Efficiency and long-term sustainability

Homeowners are stepping up as environmental issues become a top cultural concern. High-performance windows and solar panels are popular sustainable home updates, as are native greenery for a water-efficient landscape.

9. Indoor spaces... outdoor spaces

People want their backyards to feel like extensions of their indoor space, according to expert interior designers' search data. Textile advancements have now allowed for long-lasting outdoor furniture, which is frequently used alongside backyard fireplaces — or even televisions.

10. Privacy on the patio

As a result, homeowners are erecting additional barriers around their outdoor areas. Patio enclosures have become more involved and intimate as patios have become more involved and intimate. Screens, fences, standalone structures, or plantings disguised to blend in with the surroundings are among the various forms reported by interior designers.

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