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Interior Designers Reveals 7 Interior Design Trends That Will Rule in 2022 | Keystone Interior Design | Interior Designers in Chandigarh - GL103202

When it comes to interiors, everyone needs creativity & wants the latest designs that are playful, modern, and inspirational. So, don't worry, our interior designers in Chandigarh reveal 7 Interior Design Trends that will rule in 2022 that will help you decide your home interiors.

Experts predict how we will enhance our homes next year, from budget lighting to nature-inspired colors. In 2022, interior design trends will first focus on reclaiming home-adapted spaces. A new interest in bringing the natural world into the home. A campaign to buy and decorate more consciously.

Our selection of color palettes will become more stable as we experience new impressions of faith and positivity for the future. According to a recent analysis, we will get pleasure and fulfillment in rolling up our sleeves and dealing with DIY home projects.

Below, design experts review the top interior design trends for 2022.

1. Statement lighting

Farm matches (or pars) function in 2022, as we see a reframing of light in the form of decorative items. Dana Isom Johnson, a trend expert at Etsy, says: Equal parts functional and fashionable, statement lighting allows people to double up on their beautiful homes as eye-catching art. Several are already looking for budget and lighting sculptural decorations to sconces that match their Duringstyle. At Etsy, we have seen a 344 percent increase in searches for 70s lighting, a 27 percent increase in creativity for artistic or decorative lighting, a 25 percent increase in inventions for vintage lighting, and a 22 percent increase in discoveries for color lighting.

2. A place to sleep

Bedrooms have to work harder than ever before in the last 18 months for most of us. It has doubled as home offices as we navigate to work from home. For 2022, the desire to return to a quiet, peaceful place for the bedroom. Interior designers in Chandigarh for 247 blinds and 247 curtains, says For several, 2022 is the time to improve your bedroom as a temple. A bedroom is a place of comfort and wellbeing so, the focus will be on mood lighting, comfortable color palettes, and cozy texture layers. The most important thing is to design a suitable place for quality sleep. It is a move in the right track, preferably than describing the bedroom, lessening complexity and confusion, and creating classic form beds with soft and alluring pillows and investment beds." If possible, open windows all year round will benefit your bedroom environment, as well as some blackout curtains to ensure quality deep sleep. Bedside tables should bookmark your bed well enough for a good book and a glass of water (no charging equipment in the bedroom).

3. Shades of green

Our relationship with nature and the world around us has never been more essential during an epidemic. Marian Shillingford, creative director of Dulux, comments: After so long, we have come to appreciate the power of nature. We are opening doors and windows and inviting every color of nature for tea.

Pinterest has seen an 80 percent increase in searches for green interior inspiration as we embrace the richness of nature-inspired green tones. Ben White, a design and business specialist at Swift, says: 'Bringing the outside in; This is a trend we have been talking about for some time. We will see the use of plants, wood, and terracotta to blend green and natural tones into our interiors. We can examine the use of green velvet furniture, sage or olive shaded walls or jute textured carpets.'

Heather recommends a reasonable approach to finishing with green: 'Sage and mineral-based greens take natu24-year-olds into the home and furnish the interior. However, a full green room can be a bit tricky. If you like the color but don't want to make any permanent changes, add rich jewelry-toned green pops to your cushions, prints, and decorative items, such as vases and candles. '

4. Colorful kitchen

Our design choice revolves around combating instability & uncertainty by using comfortable, neutral, and soft furniture. But as we gently begin, with an insight of faith and positivity for the prospect, mixtures of shiny and cheerful colors everywhere the home will grow more engaging.

Claire O'Brien, administrator of design at Splashback, says: 'The appreciation of color is also moved to the heart of the home kitchens and is no longer limited to neutrals, blues or greens. Laura Ashley Copper is a move towards allowing a color palette in this place with colorful ovens and AGAs like Splashback, finished walls, accessories, and a splashback. Kitchen interior designers offer a variety of shades for cabinets, separating high and low-class furniture and kitchen islands.

Winning a fun color palette will also signal more experimental prints and patterns. "As we start on the course of self-discovery, made by a prime faith in our design options, the increasing passion for colors, as well as the embrace of patterns, is creating a whole storm," says Claire. It can have a retro, traditional, or modern feel, simple or organized or bold and chaotic, but whatever form it takes, there is no doubt that prints and patterns will play an essential role in the interior for 2022.

5. Cottagecore

Cottage Core will proceed to rule in 2022 for the saturation of dreamy cottage core content shared on Instagram and Tiktok. Thanks for any small part.

Claire explains: 'Cottagecore is a symbol of The Good Life, inspired by the countryside of its expansive plains and wildflowers. Embracing well-known floral prints and patterns, chalk-painted surfaces, organic textures, and wood makes a pleasant country cottage look and creates a healthy, pastoral, and charming rural atmosphere.

Cottagecore brings out every opportunity to help us reconnect with nature. It embraces stability and celebrates the return of craftsmanship such as fodder and home cooking.

6. Permanently brainwashed

2022 will concentrate on sustainable elements, reliable build, reuse, resale, fittings, and homeware. Says Ben: 'In recent years, the sustainability and use of organic matter have become paramount. With increasing public exposure to climate change, the idea of ​​sustainability has fed the indoor industry and our homes. It will translate to how we buy furniture; A step towards furniture items with recycled glass and metal, recyclable wood, and accessories. investing in meaningless furniture and accessories is a thing of the past.'

Sophie Hill at Rothley, Marketing, Insight, and Innovation, agrees: We have seen a clear shift to more conscious options, whether its content or extending the life of items around the home rather than buying more. This drive to buy more cautiously has been particularly pronounced among millennials and Generali buyers, predicting it to be a preferred source of secondhand furniture and homeware, such as the new Homeware Resell Marketplace app, Certified by Archie.

7. Diy And Upcycling

2022 will see an increase in the number of homeowners taking DIY projects as part of building a more conscientious home. Sophie says: Living on less waste and upcycling is the center of a conscious home building, and we have seen an increase in upcycling that is likely to continue from tailors and vintage dressmakers. , To make garden furniture. Wooden pallets. For a short expert DIY employment, receiving an old item of furniture and customizing it is an excellent method to lessen loss and, it also implies that no one else has a part like yours.

A recent survey by Blinds Direct reveals that two-thirds (68 percent) of UK homeowners choose to complete home improvement projects of their own, with the younger generation leading the DIY nation. 58 % of 18-24-year-olds are planning to update their homes themselves.

Keystone interior designers in Chandigarh say: We are developing trust in facing the difficulty of managing our homes pretty. Whether fitting a wooden blind, painting a wall, or building a new deck, we are becoming more and more confident in our abilities & the positive effect it has on our happiness is increasing the importance of working independently. To know more about interior design trends in 2022 you can contact our interior designers.

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