How to use colors, materials, furniture, lights, personal memorabilia, and more to highlight the best architectural features of your home, all within a budget.

(Representative Image) Investigate every room and recognize the structural features you require to highlight. 

These can include high ceilings, large windows, and plenty of sunlight.

Homes are an extension of our personality, regardless of their scale and square footage. In cities like Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Urban Dwellers often find themselves living in hard and cold builder apartments or compact dwellings. Most cities range in size from 900 square feet to 1,500 square feet but can be easily modified using a simple but elegant design hack.

Here are some simple tricks to beautify your home on a budget of up to Rs 1.5 Lakh.

Celebrate the architectural features of the house

Study and recognize structural characteristics of the house. These may include high ceilings and interior heights, large windows, adaptive cross-ventilation, and plenty of sunlight.

Take a detailed walkthrough of the home you are living in or are already living in and examine the features of the home in its raw form. Examine the material palette - which may include loose bricks, hardwood floors, ceilings, and patterned moldings. Colors, forms, and designs can be expanded to draw notice to built-in features like door and window structures, floor finishes, etc.

The element of surprise

When styling a space, a definite shot design hack is to maintain a very neutral palette and add surprise elements in the form of colors or patterns. This styling tip can be interpreted in a multifaceted way. Consider chilling out your space with a few pieces of functional accent furniture that may add interest and comfort to the design scheme.

It can be a sofa, a study desk, non-traditional chairs, a nested coffee table, and upholstered benches. Most three-seater sofas can be purchased with a budget of Rs 25,000 and upholstered chairs with a budget of Rs 15,000 and above.

Dive into the details

Interior designers focused on the smallest detail that can make a difference. A quick change of paint color can breathe new life into the interior. Choose bright white with cool undertones for the ceiling to give your space an extra sense of height.


Warm and medium whites can decorate the walls and make the room spacious. Reserve a choice of color for accent walls to draw attention to an element or design feature.

Light fixtures play an important role in styling. Create a combination of mood and task lighting to change the look and feel of a room! Ceiling lights in neutral-warm white/yellow colors can fill the gaps with a sense of minimal luxury versus white tube lights. Choose a range of table lamps (starting at Rs. 500 in popular retail stores) and floor lamps (available at Rs. 1,500 and above) to create beautiful corners.

Personalizing the space

Layer spaces such as bedrooms, home office with souvenirs, and personal curiosity. It's important to personalize places. Try to include heritage decor items, upholstery made by a family member, hereditary or renovated/refurbished furniture, family photos, travel memorabilia, and large pieces of art that have been passed down through the generations. Are

Closing touches

Once you have finalized large pieces of furniture, experiment with elements such as indoor plants, works of art, books, and art prints. These articles are normally easy on the pocket and can combine an ample dose of nature. Art prints and digital artwork can be purchased online and are priced between Rs 3,500-5,000 in canvas sizes of 18 inches or more.

Interior Designer’s Quick tips for styling interiors

  1. Browse and 'shop' for your home. Shift elements of decor and small furniture.

  2. Invest in versatile accent pieces such as art objects and brick-a-brakes that can be spread across different rooms instead of choosing large statement pieces for a particular room.

  3. To give a space a cohesive look, limit the content palette to 3-4 ingredients, preferably in neutral tones.

  4. Color can make an interesting start in the form of upholstery, art, and curiosity.

  5. Avoid messing around in rooms with many pieces of furniture for that spacious look.

So, if you are planning to give your space an astonishing look & with a friendly budget, just contact our interior designers in Chandigarh and let us make that magic happen.

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