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Read our most recent blog to learn how the best interior designers in Mohali at Keystone Interiors works during Covid-19. To learn more, please visit our official website.

This Covid-19 pandemic will be remembered by all of us. Never before has there been a case of such a natural disaster that would affect the entire world at once. Businesses are suffering from massive losses, causing the economy to tremble. At the same time, we have seen government shutdowns and economic slowdown in every industry. Here's a look at how the interior design industry has slowed and the challenges they face!

Interior Designers in Mohali face numerous challenges daily. Given the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry will suffer greatly for a variety of reasons. But if we stick to a few rules and band together to face the challenges, we can overcome many obstacles.

What else is there to be done? How will the company function? How should I deal with the clients? How should labor be handled and educated? Let's just look at the answers to a few of these questions.

The world has gone online:

Because we have all had to practice social distancing for a long time, it is a better decision to have as many meetings with clients as possible online. This reduces human interaction and, as a result, the chances of being infected. Interaction with the labor is possible via video calls, and live streaming of the work in progress is available. If you don't have a stable internet connection, take a video of the work in progress and share it with the client and the interior designers via a common platform so that discussions are simple.

Maintain contact and be a calming influence:

It is natural for people to become concerned or anxious during times of unrest. The main goal of this article is to show how your time away from the office can be a huge benefit in terms of learning new skills, habits, and knowledge. Maintain contact with friends and family in the same spirit of positivity and kindness.

Get into specifics:

Always create a detailed work schedule and a detailed working drawing before beginning any work on the job site so that you don't have to scramble for last-minute changes.

Purchase locally:

Invest in local products. Purchase artwork by local artists, planters by local vendors, and traditional accent pieces for your clients. Small changes can have a big impact.


You've been working entirely on your own. Great! But now it's time to work together because you can't handle sites in multiple locations. After all, it's practically impossible to travel to different cities. So, work with the best interior designer in Mohali to complete your projects. You may have to split your earnings, but at least you're working!!

Maintain your current pattern:

Use materials that you've been using for a long time and are familiar with in terms of touch, feel, and finishes. It is not recommended to browse catalogs and try new materials during COVID-2019 unless you are certain of sanitization. So, when it comes to material selection, follow your instincts.

Educate your employees:

Remember that without your Mohali interior decorators, your work is meaningless. So, support your employees, educate them on how to stay safe, and practice social distancing. Finally, life must move on.

Taking care of your employees:

If you have employees in your interior design practice, the government has guidelines to help you inform them about COVID-19. It also specifies what you should do if someone with the virus has been suspected or confirmed to have been in your workplace. There is also information on obtaining a certificate of absence from work. At the time of writing, if a member of staff or a member of the public has recently been in your workplace with suspected COVID-19, there are no restrictions or special control measures required for contacts of a suspected case in the workplace while lab test results for COVID-19 are awaited, and you are not required to close your practice or send staff home. 

The closure is not recommended even if a member of staff or a member of the public with confirmed COVID-19 has recently visited your workplace. The Public Health England local health protection team will contact you to discuss the case and next steps.

The interior designing industry in Mohali can function well with a few precautions and a clear mindset. All we need is each other's help to grow and demonstrate true leadership qualities.

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