Keystone was built in 2015, founded by Mr. Abhimanyu Poonia. The company operates with the sole purpose to help people in building property interior designs according to their choices. 

We give required commercial and residential interior designers in Mohali. Keystone has additionally prepared some vital projects in Zirakpur and many major cities like Chandigarh, Panchkula. In the past, they remained limited to home decor but not anymore. They are taking the commercial interiors by storm. One looking for the best interior designer in Mohali can always find their comfort with them. They are professionals who are eager to help you in creating your dream become reality.

With their quirky new-age design style can be recognized anywhere. They provide services of customization too. If one is looking for a unique and one-of-a-kind interior and furniture - keystone interior designers make sure that you get what you asked for; nothing less nothing more.

They carry their signature style, which is Vastu integrated interior. Everything will be placed according to 16 Vastu zones. Even the floor planning will be made according to that. This is something that brings us back to our roots. This is something which is strongly believed by principal designers Sucharu Khattar. Location of furniture will be passed on 16 power zones from mahavastu shakti chakra.

Creating a place with a good interior, styling, and color is a matter of concern for all but creating a zone of growth is not. Keystone interiors bring healthy life, relationships, money, career, mental health, and one’s well-being all in one place, which will be your comfort zone. They are providing you with a wide range of services, for commercial, hospitality, and residential purposes.
  • Design consultancy
  • Customized furniture
  • Turnkey service
  • Decor services
  • Vastu integrated interior
  • Luxury kids decor
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality

If one wishes to get engaged with keystone interiors they need to go through 4 steps:
The very first thing you need to do is sit back and feel relaxed as one of the executives will be meeting you at your comfort space. Over a cup of coffee or tea, you will be provided with the engagement methodology.

After meeting the executives now it depends on you when you want them to visit the area for site measurements, 2d drawings, space planning, coloring and styling, furniture designing, and placement. While going through all these things, if one feels that they want to add something or may remove it, they can do it before finalizing everything. After finalization, you will be provided with the budget and time duration required for the completion of the project. 

As per this task, the minimum contribution is required by the client, unless they wish to engage with ongoing activities. First, a designated supervisor will be appointed for the project, which will be commuting with the client as well as workers. A designated designer will accompany him along with detailed drawings. Roles and responsibilities will be distributed along with do’s and don'ts

The client will be provided with a detailed project plan, schedule of purchases, and site execution.

keystone interiors remind you about the unique individuality you have- and do their best to showcase it through their designs. Be it residential interior designers or office interior designers in Mohali, one can always look up keystone interior designers for a transformation.

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