We have understood how daunting the process of renovating your particular space may look. How do you, as a client, request us? What is demanded by you, and what is your purpose? What can you expect from the designer? At Keystone Interior Design, we not only keep a stress-free agreement with you from beginning to accomplishment, but we also go the additional measure to ensure the results are par worth! We hence chose to go forward and lay down the hassle-free levels of Interior Design we swear by.

Discussion: Requirements & Thoughts!

The first of multiple meetings! Here is when we begin to learn to know each other. Retain all those saved Pinterest desire lists? We better examine your ideas and combine them into the project. We aim to observe your individuality, analyze your tastes, and collect your demands. How big a walk-in wardrobe do you require? How many visitors would you host at your modern dining desk? Do you desire a dishwasher in your kitchen?

May it be a private room, or your whole new residence, we begin by valuing your property or site for dimensions, the sun direction, architectural fundamentals like pillars and support, etc.

Mutually we develop a trial timeline & funds. Should you have any difficulties, needs, or interests about the project, here is when we request you to talk to them. And we Keystone Interior Designers in Mohali will be more than glad to try and fix it for you to the best of our expertise.

Once you are satisfied with the specific design brief is ultimately put collectively, sketching your perfect requirements and leading style.

Improvement Theory

Considering you choose to enable us, the artistic process starts! We offer you personalized choices curated from the summary. We next fine-tune your preferred option with your feedbacks to attain the optimal outcome.

Beginning with the drywalls, we center on setting colors and variations for the room, detailing the floor polishes next. At last on modeling the bathrooms and sourcing and outlining furniture. Keystone Interior Designers in Chandigarh will improve interior plans, 3D renders, design boards, color samples, and designs to better the process.

As we approach the particulars, we will conduct you to the most proper terminals to wish out that perfect lovely coffee table.

At the same time, we assist you with smooth furnishings of the most attractive material and colors for your curtains to sofas and stunning light fixtures and arrangements.

We help you settle on chief finishes, elements, and design styles by the end of the idea development step.


With the design approved off, we bind the nuts and bolts of the project. We create professional AUTO CAD arts for last electronic and lighting plans, tiling designs, plumbing, hygienic details, etc. With development specifications and time plans needed for the whole property.

We then offer a clear and detailed BOQ(bill of quantities) or budget for the entire scheme.

Now we present you to our skilled and responsible construction team at Keystone Interior Design. We designate the best possible match of artisans, workers, craftsmen to the task.

FABRICATION: Watch your ideas come to life!

While our operators are top-notch, it regular for the complete Keystone Interior Design team to take a preparatory conference wherein we choose and explain the duty specifics.

The designers work jointly with artists during development. For example, we attend daily site visits to ensure that the working process is perfect and the timeline is on the mark. We manage the fitting of tiles, machines, lamps, and others. And you may rest guaranteed that your purchases are in safe hands.

With the civil activities like artificial ceilings, paneling, color job, etc, finished, we now move the fittings items into their committed areas and add the finishing touches with the simple decoration!

Conclusion: Your satisfaction and happiness!

The trial finished, you can now feel your new surroundings in person! Still, before you go in, we tour the place to examine all the works and prove it is to your satisfaction.

At the last of this magnificent course, we smoothly remind you that any concerns and interior designers in Panchkula Chandigarh Mohali (Tricity) are just a phone call away!

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