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How does an interior designer create the ultimate cozy home this winter? | Keystone Interior Design | Best Interior Designer in Mohali - GL103632

Here, the best interior designer in Mohali shares their top tips for designing a calm, peaceful place that is a total dream to come home to this winter.

While we rely on our homes all year, winter is their coldest season. The holidays signal the unofficial start of a cozy season in which staying in homes is far more appealing than going out.


The founder and principal of Keystone Architecture + Design, an interior designer and yoga instructor, sees many parallels between a cozy winter home and a well-established spiritual practice. Both can assist us in re-centering and living in a more honest, truthful, and aligned manner.


The interior designer shares her best tips for creating a calm, peaceful space that will be a dream to come home to this winter.


Maintain a healthy balance of private and public areas:


An interior designer says carving out spaces for quiet reflection is crucial when it comes to creating a relaxing home. These are almost like little cocoons where you can be alone with yourself and your thoughts. If at all possible, they should be hidden away from the home's main thoroughfares, such as in a back corner, on a windowsill, or even in a bathtub. For added privacy, a curtain or pocket door can be used to further separate them. Once you've decided on a space, decorate it with soft fabrics or inviting objects to make it a welcoming place to relax and recharge.


Your home should have places to gather with roommates, family, and/or visitors in addition to areas that are all your own. Although it may seem self-evident, the interior designer points out that many of our homes are not necessarily designed for connection. (For instance, consider a kitchen island with chairs on one side.) A face-to-face conversation requires some maneuvering with this layout.) Designing for conversation can instantly increase the intimacy and rearranging your furniture so that chairs face couches more directly or creating clusters of furniture in large, open rooms can improve the coziness of a space.


Maintain a neutral tone:


The interior designer at Keystone prefers muted color schemes, especially in quiet reflection areas. "When I approach those types of spaces, my first goal is to see the beauty,". 


Instead of overcrowding your blank canvas with eye-catching trinkets or textures, use a tighter edit to make the space more relaxing. An interior designer observes, "If everything is beautiful, nothing is beautiful." Choosing one or two centerpieces and allowing the rest of the decor to fade into the background can help to create a sense of presence in the room. And getting rid of any unnecessary clutter will keep you focused on the task at hand: relaxing and recharging.


An interior designer claims that "creating spaces with organization, visual balance, and order rests our bodies." "As a result, we can be more present at the moment and recognize our experiences, whether positive, negative, or neutral."


Make room for memories:


In addition to allowing us to appreciate the present moment, great design, according to the interior designer, will also encourage us to reflect on the past. One way that designers like to create areas that transcend time is by incorporating natural elements. Swap out synthetics for woods with visible grain, weathered rocks or pebbles, or any other natural element with a long history. Another great way to time travel at home this season, according to the interior designer, is to diffuse essential oils that evoke particularly happy memories. 


Finally, make something magical:


Winter is full of twinkling lights, crackling candles, and fragrant greenery, all of which invite a little more magic into our lives, according to an interior designer. After all, the season is a time when we want to feel a sense of belonging to ourselves, the earth, and something greater. Feel free to display whatever it is in the winter retreat that reminds you of all that is enchanted crystals, tarot cards, or a lovely print.


To learn more about top winter interior design tips and to create a calm, peaceful environment that is a total dream to come home to this winter, visit our contact us page now!

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