The other day a real estate agent I listed for sale introduced me as a designer. I didn't want to take the time to fix it, but I thought to myself, "This isn't the first time I've heard of people using 'designer' by mistake. It's often used to label someone like that as an interior decoration. So, when we all do something different, why does everyone put us all in one category?"



To summarize the differences:


Interior design, among many other things, often involves the preparation of documents for the construction of an interior space by a licensed professional such as plans and heights, and details and features, including lighting, power and communication space, materials. And finishes, and furniture. Templates.


Home Staging is preparing the home for sale through updates and decorations to appeal to a wide range of buyers for the home's market. Interior redesign is often done by homeowners who are not currently retailing because it uses several of the equal principles that homeowners use, principally with homeowners. Use of furniture and decorative accessories, focusing on future home sales.


Now, let's take a look at each one.


Interior design:


According to NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualifications):


Interior design is a multifaceted job in which inventive and professional resolutions are executed within a structure to complete an interior design environment. These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the residents, and are aesthetically pleasing. The designs are composed in acknowledgment of the construction shell and, are regulated and, accept the physical location and social context of the project.


The design must comply with code and regulatory requirements and promote the principles of environmental sustainability. The interior design process follows a planned and coordinated approach, which integrates knowledge into the research, analysis, and creative process, satisfying client needs, and resources to create an interior space that meets project goals.


Interior decoration


Not surprisingly, people often confuse interior decoration with interior design. I even had a hard time finding a definition for interior decoration. It is often said, "Look at the interior design" It is probably best to understand the interior decoration as it exists in contrast to the interior design:


An interior decorator will choose the floor coverings based on the taste and lifestyle of the customer, while the interior designer will take it one step further by looking at usage, sound transfer, flammability, and more. An interior decorator will select the lighting fixtures, while the interior designer will plan the lighting conditions and ensure that they comply with building and safety codes. An interior decorator does not require any formal education and/or work experience, testing, or licensing, whereas an interior designer does.


Home staging


Home staging is the art and science of preparing a home for sale so that it appeals to a wide range of buyers to sell quickly and for the top dollar. The goal is for the potential buyer to love the home, imagine living there, and want the lifestyle that the home represents. According to the Real Estate Staging Association's Consumer Guide to Home Staging, this is a "systematic and coordinated approach that applies knowledge of real estate, home renovation, and creative design principles to attract a buyer."



Home staging includes some or each of the following:


Assess whether the owner has furniture and decorative accessories (pillows, artwork, decorative items, lamps, knick-knacks, etc.), and: Removal of certain furniture and/or decorative items, otherwise known as decanting as well as personalization (removal of family photos, trophies, collections, etc. 


so that the buyer can imagine staying there) Arranging furniture and accessories for optimal placement to increase flow (ability to move independently in the room), focal point improvement (for example, emphasizing the fireplace or a beautiful view), balance (whether in the room) Too many or too large pieces? Bookcase or just one side of the room?) And minimizing the positive aspects of the house.


Careful selection of furniture and accessories suitable for the style and market of the home to purchase or rent, if required. Recommend, implement, and/or arrange for improvements, updates, and repairs such as painting, flooring, sink fixtures, lighting fixtures, window treatment, landscaping, etc.


Interior redesign


As mentioned above the interior redesign is similar to home staging. However, it enhances the home for homeowners rather than potential buyers. And it does so by focusing on its future sales. It is similar to home staging in that it primarily uses the customer's existing furniture and decorative equipment to transform the space and includes the purchase of additional furniture and accessories as well as wall paints, window treatments, lighting. It May include updating fixtures etc.




To summarize the differences:


Interior design often involves planning all aspects of the interior space by a licensed professional. Interior decoration includes the decoration of surfaces in the interior space. An expert interior designer must understand interior design and operate similarly with artists to design the interior. In other words, decorators are involved in the design process, while interior designers can design and decorate. 


Home Staging is preparing the home for sale through updates & showcasing to appeal to a wide range of buyers for the market in which the home is located. The interior redesign uses many of the same principles used by home stage owners, such as primarily using existing homeowners' furniture and decorative accessories, with a focus on future home sales.


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